Flush Portable Toilets for Construction

Our Construction Portables are Ministry of Labour approved
Construction Portables feature flush tank, urinal, sink and supplies
Affordable Portables takes portability to new heights
Engineer certified crane harness on High Rise Construction Portable
Optional insulated cover protects against cold weather

Ministry of Labour Approved

Great for long or short term, our Flush Portable Toilets for Construction and job sites are Ministry of Labour approved and feature:

  • Recirculating foot flush tank
  • Foot pump hand wash sink
  • Soap, paper towels and toilet tissue

High Rise Construction Portables

Our High Rise Construction Portables also come equipped with an engineer certified crane harness allowing portability to elevated heights.

Cold Weather Usage
During the winter, hand sanitizer replaces the soap and fresh water, and salt water is used in the tank to prevent freezing. Optional lightweight black insulated covers are also available to break the wind and create a warming greenhouse effect. Or, consider our heated portable toilets and trailers.

Which one is best? How many do I need? Let us provide all the answers.

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